the party’s over

I don’t believe in quarter-life crisis. That is, until I turned twenty-five and I didn’t know what to call that Im-sick-of-my-job-I-wanna-quit-but-I-kinda-enjoy-it-too-so-I-might-have-to-stay-here feeling.

So, yeah, quarter-life crisis is real. I guess. It could be my mid-life crisis if I’m unlucky enough (knock on wood).

I’m an auditor. On my worse days, I convince myself that it’s entirely possible to just abandon everything and take a dive for a total career shift. Like, enter show business. Haha! Do you watch PBB? Neither do I… Or be a professional tambay na suma-sideline sa lotto, hoping to become a millionaire someday…

Or be a writer. I’d really love to be a writer. But I heard most authors die drunk and penniless. It’s rarely a real job. Unless you consider journalism, which is out of the question because I don’t plan to be murdered by some good-for-nothing politician. I’m like Tyrion Lannister, I want to die at the age of 80, in my own bed, surrounded by gorgeous ladies – or something like that.

My point is, I can always dream about doing something I love. But in reality, I don’t have much choice but to love what I’m currently doing. Because, technically, it’s what I’m good at. I used to say that nothing, and I mean nothing, can make me stay in the audit industry for another tax season. Then I finally decided to start applying for the same job abroad. Let’s be honest – I’ll probably still be overworked there, but at least I’ll earn better. And I’ll get to visit places I’ve never been.

I just hope that someday, when I have enough money and spare time to spend, I’ll still have the energy to pursue what I really wanted to do.

As of now, I can say this about my stint with the firm: The party’s over.

Or is it?